The Importance of Headshots Keynote

Importance of Headshots Daniel Sommer 

Come along and join Daniel on April 4th to learn more about the importance of Headshots in our modern society. 



April 4th 2017

The event will be hosted at The Corporate Escape Club in collaboration with CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator. Networking from 6pm session starts at 6:30pm and finishing at 8:30pm. 


CoSydney CoWorking + Enterprise Accelerator
3 Blackfriars Street
Chippendale Creative Precinct
Sydney NSW 2008


This is a free event. Spots are limited so please be sure to get your ticket for the next meeting of the Corporate Escape Club.


The importance of a headshot

The importance of great images for your career is second to none!

Hiring managers are increasingly using online presences to vet new applicants. Your resume may be the best representation of your skills, but how is your social media presence? Are the images you post of yourself showing you at your best? Do they represent the real and professional you?

Your profile picture on sites such as LinkedIn serve as your first impression to recruiters, so this image needs to be professional and not a selfie at a party you went to 5 years ago.

Your professional online presence is your #1 personal marketing tool. Managing your online presence is about showing you at your best. Whether you work in an office, are a freelance creative, manage a blog or work in any environment where you make professional contacts, you NEED a smart, and true to life headshot.

Presenter: Daniel Sommer

Daniel Sommer is a headshot photographer, and he will take you through the importance of a professional headshot, how to feel comfortable in front of the camera, how to find an experienced photographer, and how to use these images to increase your chance of getting hired, or landing better contracts.


Hosted by Vinh Van Lam & Stuart Horrex; cofounders at CoSydney - Sydney CoWorking + Project Space