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Client Success Stories

Louis Muller
I’ve had the pleasure of being photographed by Daniel Sommer recently for my first


collection. As it was my first photo shoot I was unaware of what to look for and after searching around for a while I chose Daniel due to his friendliness and affordable prices. From the moment I walked into his studio, Daniel made me feel very comfortable and it is obvious that he is a professional who is very passionate about what he does.

- Mark Pitman
Gloria Martinez
The excellent quality of the photos speak to Daniel's talent as an artist and his ability put people at ease. I was impressed with Daniel's ability to work with darker skin. He understood how to light darker skin to get the best effect. I'm not naturally inclined to getting photos of myself, but Daniel's approach took the uneasiness away and made it fun. I recommend reading the blog Daniel sends out prior to the session. There's lots of good tips to prepare for the session. Daniel's tips helped me manage anxiety and helped the session go smoother. Bring a variety of outfits. It's not always obvious what will work well. Daniel was able to provide a special pass so parking was free, and I didn't have to worry about topping the meter or racing the parking inspector. There was ample parking close to his studio. I was concerned about parking in Chippendale. Parking anxiety should be a recognised condition in Sydney.

- Diren Gokal
Margaret Sharma
There were 2 reasons why I choose Daniel to shoot my headshots with. One is I was searching a photographer who is as dam good as Peter Hurley is and Daniel Sommer is. I know its a huge statement but its true. The other reason is, when I found Daniel Sommer on Instagram there was an image of a girl, a musician that has totally blown my mind. I have checked the work of all relevant

headshot photographer

s in Sydney and for me no doubt it is Daniel that knows what a


is about. He is the man to go to in Sydney. My acting agent told me the images are absolutely amazing. The images he took of me are bringing me work above expectations. The pictures he took of me combine his technical knowledge with amazing direction, and bringing the right emotions out of you and capturing them, his timing of all these things his confidence and his trust in you that you can do it, is just like a director on a film set.He connected to me easily and he took the most wonderful images of me. Thanks again Daniel I'd love to share this experience with the world.

- Reka Gavaldi

Katherine Riccardo
Dan Is The Man!!! Absolutely loved my experience and final product with Dan ! he is very easy to work with and he knows how to bring out the best in you :) His preparation prior to the shoot was great, It taught me a lot and gave me a clear path to get ready so that I could make the most of the shoot :) The


are awesome, and I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Highly recommend and refer working with Dan for your next shoot!

- Zac Mason
Wow! Daniel delivers! I've worked with a number of photographers over the years and Daniel is undoubtedly in a class of his own with special mention of his innate ability to coach and direct me through the shoot with such precision to get the shots that I thought not possible. Needless to say, I highly recommend Daniel and his team.

- Bernie Mitchell
Robert Hernandez
Daniel absolutely loves his work and shows this with the best head shots you have ever seen of your own face. Your own selfies don't even get close to his creation of beautiful pictures and for you. You don't just walk in and let him do his work - it feels like talking to a friend while he takes photos in the meantime. I can highly recommend this studio!

- Anni Ave
Anne Sung
Dan is a lovely guy; easy to get on with and made me feel comfortable from the get go. He is also very professional and gave some great tips to get a good headshot. Most importantly the end results were great and much better than I imagined. Highly recommend Dan for your

Business Headshots


- Nick Barker-Pendree
Rose Rhee
I recently had a headshot session with Daniel and It was fun, professional, and I was thrilled with the images that came out of it. As someone who has worked in front of the camera for most of my adult life, it was obvious to me that Dan knew exactly what he was doing, and his easygoing personality made the whole experience enjoyable. Would definitely recommend Daniel to anyone seeking

professional headshots


- Pascale Hunt

Christina Ward
I had a simply amazing experience! Daniel is professional, passionate, energetic and fun. This is a relatively new experience for me and Daniel was able to put me at ease and really have a good time. And I absolutely love the results! He listened to my ideas, put forward his own without being at all pushy, and the photos successfully convey a range of looks and emotions that will make my acting and modelling profiles shine. Thanks again, Mate.

- Anthony Vercoe
Arthur Wilson
Daniel is a star! He is so thorough, professional, and clearly loves what he does. I promise he will pull a shot out of you that you will absolutely love, and you'll have a great time whilst at his studio - the time will fly. His ability to connect with his subjects and bring out their unique personalities doesn't come natural to everyone and his personal nature sets him apart from many. Highly recommended! Thank you for a great experience, Daniel.  I appreciate the effort you put into our shoot. 

- Rachel Bardsley
Phyllis Torres
Sydney's answer to having a photo session with Headshot sensation Peter Hurley is Daniel Sommer! The best, most natural headshots that capture my essence I've ever had taken... Daniel is superb, he is an expert in the field of


, understanding everything to get that great shot of you! Book your Corporate Headshots now, you'll be thrilled with the results. Thanks!

- Martin Byrne-Quinn
Emily Muller
Daniel is a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and creates a comfortable environment to express yourself and succeed in getting the

perfect headshot


- Fatou Ndiaye
Will Willitts by Daniel Sommer
Dan was a lot of fun to work with! He makes you feel at ease and offers tips and good advice on how to get the right shot. I've been on more than a couple of shoots and he taught me a quite a few things.. so I'm grateful for that! Are you in need of killer

Actor Headshots

? This talented and friendly snapper's your man!

- Will Willitts
Katie McConnell by Daniel Sommer
Daniel was amazing and so easy to work with. He was extremely helpful in executing the right look. I would love to work with him again and highly recommend him!

- Katie McConnell
Marty Doyle DanielSommerPhotography
Working with Dan is easy and so much fun. Dan was very professional, he helped me relax and this generated some amazing shots. He certainly captured the best of me. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia get Daniel Sommer you won’t be disappointed.

- Marty Doyle
Daniel one of the most talented and passionate


I have ever meet. The man is a genius behind the lens and was amazing to work with him. 
Only just meeting him, we got along like a house on fire, very easy going and feel completely relax in his studio. I highly recommend Daniel if you're serious about your

Actor Headshots


- Chris Holmes
Daniel did a great job getting the right photos for my professional and personal needs. He is very knowledgeable about how to help people look their best in front of the camera. He was patient working with me and made it an enjoyable experience. I can highly recommend Daniel Sommer for your next

Business Headshot


- Helen Thompson
Luke by Daniel Sommer Photography
Daniel provides a highly professional yet comfortable environment through very friendly and hands-on interaction and direction. He is clearly very experienced and strives to achieve the best results. By always keeping the client informed about what he is doing and how he is doing it, it is easy to work with him at all stages of the shoot and throughout the follow-up.

- Luke Ashmore-Delaney
Lotta Kahle DanielSommerPhotography
Dan is an exceptional photographer and so much fun to work with! I finally got some really great photographs of myself. Outstanding customer service! Thank you very much! Get your next

Corporate Headshot


- Lotta Kahle
I had a great photo shoot session with Daniel and he was so professional and funny. He helped my team and I feel relaxed and comfortable. This resulted in great

Corporate Headshots

for my team and myself. Daniel is a great guy to work with.

- Craig Henry